Lexus Hoverboard Teaser Video Reveals August Release Date

The wait for the Lexus Hoverboard is almost over.

On August 5 the world will see whether this wonderful invention is everything we want it to be.

In another typical teaser released yesterday, Lexus raised our hopes by showing off a glorious series of close-up shots of the board and its rider, skateboarder Ross McGouran. Excitement overload.

A more disappointing fact is that we are yet to see McGouran (or anyone else) on the board -- an obvious ploy to keep people guessing about what will happen next week. The ploy is working.

If the hoverboard works, it will be a true engineering feat.

Using liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets, Lexus claims that it has 'one of the most advanced' hoverboards the world has ever seen.

Made using a blend of strong lightweight materials, the hoverboard has a bamboo surface while its secretive power source is hidden from view with what looks like a carbon-fibre mesh body.

In May, a propeller-based hoverboard set a new Guinness World Record by travelling the distance of two football pitches.

Catalin Alexandru Duru, who created the hoverboard, took 12 months to perfect the contraption and says he was inspired by Back To The Future.

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