Yoda The Owl Gets His Own Bath University Library Card As A Thank You For Scaring Off Seagulls

Yoda is possibly one of the more unusual-looking students at Bath University. No, he's not green, balding and a movie star - he's brown, feathery and a professional seagull-scarer.

The seven-year-old Eagle Owl has been awarded his own library membership to the University of Bath as a thank you for his important work in frightening away seagulls from the campus.

Yoda visits the campus twice a week, as part of an environmentally-friendly way of control the number of gulls, which the university feared would become a nuisance for staff and students.

"The University has invited Yoda and his handler Marcus to visit the campus twice a week as an environmentally friendly method to control the seagull numbers on campus and thereby limit the potential adverse effects a large gull population can have," a spokesman said.

"During his visits, Yoda's presence has the effect of unsettling the gull population and dissuading them from hanging around on campus and from nesting further in the area.

"Yoda has been hand-reared by his owner which makes him very sociable with humans."