Most Common Last Words From People Dying Are About Love And Family, Survey Finds

From Sir Winston Churchill's “I’m bored with it all" to Margaret Sanger's "let's have a party", history books are full of reported famous last words from prominent figures.

But among us regular folk, the words we choose to say before we die are a little more sentimental.

According to a survey of 2,198 adults who have lost a loved one in the past year, the most common deathbed conversations involve the imparting of relationship and career advice.

The survey, carried out by Perfect Choice Funerals, found that 83% of people had been given parting words of wisdom by loved ones before they died.

A total of 62% of those surveyed said that conversations included relationship advice. Over half (56%) said they had discussed their career while 43% were given guidance on family life.

Education and finances were also popular choices of topic, experienced by 32% and 39% respectively.

When respondents were asked why they thought loved ones had imparted advice, the most popular answer, chosen by 29% of respondents, was that they thought the friend or family member had wanted them to be happy.

But not everyone looked back at deathbed conversations with such warm memories.

An unlucky 6% of respondents said they believed they had been given advice by a dying relative as a way of "teaching them a lesson".


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