'The Retribution Of Cecil' Lion King Parody Sees Cecil Warn His Son He Will Be 'Murdered By A Dentist From Minnesota'

It's the circle of life - lion is born, lion grows up, American dentist kills lion in illegal hunting act that outrages the world.

The death of Cecil the Lion is still inspiring anger, and comedy, it would seem, after the well-know Zimbabwean lion was shot and killed by hunter Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota.

Now, the Disney film The Lion King has had the spoof treatment in 'The Retribution of Cecil', a satirical look at the intense anger towards Palmer, which has included for calls for the dentist to be skinned and hung.

The comedy film 'trailer', from online video show So That Happened, sees a lion cub searching for answers after his father is killed.

When Pumba the warthog wonders why the lion cub is sad, Timon the meerkat tells him: "His dad was shot with an arrow by a dentist from Minnesota."

The video opens with the Disney logo revamped to read Walter Palmer instead of Walt Disney:

The lion cub sits on Cecil's back and asks sweetly: "We'll always be together, right?"

"No, we won't," Cecil replies grimly, "I'll be murdered by a dentist from Minnesota." Walter Palmer's face appears made out of stars in the sky, before Cecil says: "That's the dentist."

In a twist on the classic scene from the kids' film, the lion cub witnesses a vision of Cecil in the sky, telling him to avenge his death. "Board an airplane, fly to Minnesota, and rip that dentist's f***ing throat out".

"So come watch this lion rip that dentist's f***ing throat out," the narrator says, "as that world cheers on the public execution of another victim of the social media mob mentality."