'Coronation Street' Bosses 'Unimpressed' With Jack P Shepherd, After 'Accidentally Setting Himself On Fire', Costing Him An Eyebrow

‘Coronation Street’ bosses were said to be unimpressed with Jack P Shepherd, after he turned up to the show's set minus one of his eyebrows, following an unfortunate accident.


The soap actor, who has played David Platt on ‘Corrie’ since he was 12 years old, is said to have been juggling with fire at a friend’s party, when his T-shirt unfortunately caught ablaze.

According to The Sun, it was up to a fellow party-goer to put out the fire, which they were able to do before it led to anything more serious.

Jack P Shepherd

Luckily, Jack didn’t suffer any serious burns - though it did unfortunately cost him the eyebrows and eyelashes on one side of his face, which he accidentally singed off during the incident.

“He told them he’d done it at a kids’ party. But they weren’t too impressed with him.”

Jack recently made headlines for a photo he posted on his Twitter page, where he pretended to have a wee on the iconic ‘Emmerdale’ sign, during a party on the set of the rival soap.

Clearly sensing that the photograph may have been a bit ill-advised, it quickly disappeared from his social media account, but not before eagle-eyed followers got the chance to screengrab it and share it online.

However, 'Emmerdale' actress Charlie Hardwick was quick to jump to Jack's defence, insisting he was just having a harmless laugh with the picture.

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