Elderly 'Racist White Lady' Might Be The Silliest Person In America

Elderly 'Racist White Lady' Might Be The Silliest Person In America

So today at IHOP a white lady stepped in and insulted my mother for speaking Spanish. She told my mom to learn English Or get out of America.my mom does speak English with an accent though! I stepped in an didn't let her do that. Please share!! This will not stop unless we step in. Latinos tenemos que hablar contra el RACISMO!Here's the video of proof!Share!!!

Posted by Carlos Steven Vasquez on Friday, 31 July 2015

An elderly woman has revealed her self to be rather silly by embarking on a "bigoted rant" about Nazis and Russians after overhearing a family speak Spanish in an IHOP restaurant.

The video, posted to Facebook over the weekend, shows the ageing nativist rounding on the mother of Carlos Steven Baez, who posted the film. After hitting the family with the line, “We speak English here [in America],” the aggressor says: “Why don’t you go back to Spain?”

That's right... Spain.

When she is told what she was saying is racist, the woman trumps herself by saying, “We want English. We don’t want the Nazis back. We don’t want fascists back. We don’t want Castro back.” She continues: “I don’t want Spanish. I’ve been to Spain, I bet you haven’t been to Spain and I have.”

At one point the woman, who was decried in the Facebook comments as "racist white lady," squeals loudly for no reason. Watch the video above...


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