Milifandom Creator Abby Tomlinson Mercilessly Trolled On Twitter For Having An Opinion

Abby Tomlinson Is Being Trolled Just For Being Young And Having A Political Opinion

Abby Tomlinson, the Labour activist credited with creating the hashtag cult #Milifandom during the general election campaign, is being mercilessly trolled on Twitter apparently just for having an opinion.

In recent days, Abby has declared her preference in the Labour Party leadership race prompting especially cruel comments from people on social media.

Many of these comments make reference to Abby’s age, with people apparently not being able to cope with a 17-year-old with a political viewpoint.

On Monday, Abby appeared on Sky News to talk about the leadership election with a fellow young activist and a pollster, prompting some vitriolic responses on social media...

Those defending Abby received absurd retorts.

And people were very quick to dismiss her.

Others were just mean.

But many people did come to her defence, supporting her right to a viewpoint.

Read Abby’s latest HuffPost UK blog here.


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