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'Do you know who have literally zero rallies? The Tories.'
Tomlinson argued it is “easy” to see why Corbyn may believe he can win a 2020 election because he “spends so much of his
Notably, Owen did not back Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party, (his preference was, like me, Andy Burnham) but that would be hard to tell from his performance so far, and in fact, a large amount of praise for him seems to come from Corbynites who admire his unwavering loyalty and commitment to the Labour cause.
Oh, Oldham West. Poor, poor Oldham West. By the time you read this article, we might already know the results of Thursday's
Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch was less supportive, saying other Labour Party supporters were only "disagreeing" with
Abby Tomlinson, the teenager who brought us #Milifandom, has given us all a masterclass in how to deal with trolls on Twitter
He should have wanted to help because it was the right thing to do, not because he was under increasing pressure to. He should have wanted to help because he is a human being and he should have compassion and empathy for other human beings.
But many people did come to her defence, supporting her right to a viewpoint. Those defending Abby received absurd retorts
Yes - of course Labour has a duty to oppose unfair measures... but to do this effectively, Labour has to be strong, Labour has to be united, and Burnham, in his abstaining, was trying to keep Labour strong and united - because those people need it to be.
Abby Tomlinson, the 17-year-old founder of the Milifandom internet movement has announced she wants Andy Burnham to succeed