Frankie Boyle's Calais Crisis Column Has Everyone Agreeing With Him (Once Again)

Frankie Boyle's Calais Crisis Column Has *Almost* Everyone Agreeing With Him

Controversial comedian Frankie Boyle has used his latest opinion column to contrast Britain’s response to the slaughter of Cecil the Zimbabwean lion with the death of a migrant at Calais.

Boyle, who has established a theme of surprising people with his political missives, writes for Comment Is Free in the Guardian: “Last week a proud, beautiful, beloved African creature, who’d lived the last years of his life in a fenced compound, was killed by a train in the Channel tunnel.

“That’s the British for you: criticising people fleeing genocide for pushing their children over a perimeter fence, when we’d do it for a 40% discount off an Asda telly.”

And as with some of his previous columns, Boyle has sparked an lot of reaction on social media.

@frankieboyle Brilliant article!!

— Suzanne McGuigan (@SoozMcGuigan) August 4, 2015

@frankieboyle I read it. Spot bloody on!

— Mary Beirne (@MaryBeirne5) August 4, 2015

On Facebook, people gave Boyle a lot of praise.

But some people were quick to highlight his controversial past, which they think is at odds with his latest column.

Nonetheless, the comedian appears to be coveting a political following of his own.

@frankieboyle hits the nail on the head again! I'm starting a @frankieboyle for prime minister campaign right now!

— Stephen O'Hara (@Sleepy141181) August 4, 2015

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