Frankie Boyle's Calais Crisis Column Has Everyone Agreeing With Him (Once Again)

Controversial comedian Frankie Boyle has used his latest opinion column to contrast Britain’s response to the slaughter of Cecil the Zimbabwean lion with the death of a migrant at Calais.

Boyle, who has established a theme of surprising people with his political missives, writes for Comment Is Free in the Guardian: “Last week a proud, beautiful, beloved African creature, who’d lived the last years of his life in a fenced compound, was killed by a train in the Channel tunnel.

“That’s the British for you: criticising people fleeing genocide for pushing their children over a perimeter fence, when we’d do it for a 40% discount off an Asda telly.”

And as with some of his previous columns, Boyle has sparked an lot of reaction on social media.

@frankieboyle Brilliant article!!

— Suzanne McGuigan (@SoozMcGuigan) August 4, 2015

@frankieboyle I read it. Spot bloody on!

— Mary Beirne (@MaryBeirne5) August 4, 2015

On Facebook, people gave Boyle a lot of praise.

But some people were quick to highlight his controversial past, which they think is at odds with his latest column.

Nonetheless, the comedian appears to be coveting a political following of his own.

@frankieboyle hits the nail on the head again! I'm starting a @frankieboyle for prime minister campaign right now!

— Stephen O'Hara (@Sleepy141181) August 4, 2015

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