Should Children Be Banned From Flights? This Morning Segment Sparks Twitter Debate

A child throwing the mother of all tantrums on a plane is a scene dreaded by parents and non-parents alike.

So what's the solution?

On ITV's This Morning, journalist Kelly Rose Bradford made the case for child-free flights and child-free zones on planes, while journalist Emma Taylor argued that banning or segregating children is "discriminatory".

"Your holiday starts from the moment you sit on the plane and let out that sigh of relief," said Bradford who is a mum-of-one.

"You've left work behind; left all the stresses behind; and then you take off and all of a sudden you either get kicking in the back of your seat or you get the wailing.

"So I would absolutely be all for adult only flights or specific areas on the plane which were set aside for families so they could create merry hell in there and do what they like."

Bradford added that she thinks "there is an element of selfishness amongst parents who insist on not changing their lifestyle once they have children" as "it's no fun for a toddler being cooped up on a plane".

However Taylor, who has two children, disagreed.

"It's not selfish to go around in society with children, children are part of society," she stated.

"They're not mini adults. They are children and people in their own right, and they have a right to go places."

The segment started a heated debate on Twitter, with lots of people voicing their support for Bradford's childfree flights proposal:

Taylor's supporters were equally as vocal:

Some parents pointed out that children aren't the only ones causing problems on planes:

And some parents have already got clever work arounds prepared for their next non-childfree flight: