Annoying Things About Facebook: 21 Ways It Drives Us Insane

21 Things That Drive Us Insane About Facebook

The fact that the phrase 'annoying things about Facebook' is highly searched for on Google tells us everything we need to know about our tumultuous relationship with the social media website.

We love it, we hate it. But either way, we just can't seem to log off. How many times have you sworn you'd delete it forever only to find you couldn't actually leave?

So as part of our Digital Detox month, here are the top 21 things that drive us insane about being on Facebook:

1. People who have a baby and then post five photos every single day of said baby. WE GET IT YOU HAVE A BABY.

2. Ugly babies.

3. When you get a notification on your phone and you rush over thinking it's important. Turns out your mate's ugly baby has just done a shit.

4. People who seem to always be on holiday and post endless semi-naked photos of themselves.

5. People who say "take me back" and post 34890320 semi-naked photos of themselves three days after they've got back from a holiday.

6. People who talk about rising above "the haters". No one hated you until you posted that.

7. Farmville invites.

8. People who 'check in' to absolutely everywhere, even their own bed. We know where you live.

9. Anyone who maps their run. Except the woman who drew penises.

10. "London I am in you"

11. People who share photos of how early their alarm is going off.

12. People who you haven't spoken to (and don't remember who they are) saying happy birthday to you.

13. Lazy people saying HB instead of happy birthday.

14. Realising that without Facebook, the only person that wishes you happy birthday is your mum.

15. Anyone who posts a picture with the caption "WINNING".

16. People that post screenshots of their iPhone weather app because "Look! I'm enjoying better weather than you" isn't an acceptable status.

17. Facebook message read receipts. The cause of 3/5 relationship break ups and early-stage-dating anxiety episodes.

18. People that use Facebook as Google.

19. When someone has a party and only notifies you via Facebook event invites, which you don't check, then bollocks you for not turning up.

20. Mundane information about the cleanliness of one's car.

21. And pretty much anyone who thinks their empty, mundane lives are actually interesting enough to write about in more than 140 characters.

This August we're running a Digital Detox campaign, where we're championing switching off, spending more time with our loved ones and being more mindful around technology. From inspirational interviews to how it can massively improve your life, we hope to inspire everyone to get out there and reconnect with the world. If you'd like to contribute email or tag us on social media using the hashtag #HPDigital Detox

1. A Public Fight with a Friend.

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