This Guardian Cake Picture Caption Is Something Wonderful

Someone At The Guardian Is Having A Bad Day...

It would appear that the Guardian's Dean Burnett is having a bit of trouble with the website's image library.

In a feature laying out five alternate potential Labour leaders, he struggled to find something as simple as a picture of a normal cake.

So, he vented his frustration in the picture caption. As you do.

Do you know how long I’ve spent in the Guardian’s image archives to find a picture of a bog standard cake? Bloody ages! Thousands of images and not one thing that you’d recognise as a normal cake. This weird ice cream thing is the best I could do. Everything else has a sodding fried egg or a bunch of parsley obscuring it, or has been arranged to resemble a Picasso painting or a sculpture reflecting the futility of existence. When did this place become riddled with hipsters? God, I’m so tired... Photograph: Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images

Looks like there's a bit of a hipster problem over at The Guardian.

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