Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg Ask Each Other Red Carpet Questions To Highlight Gender Stereotyping By Media

Kristen Stewart Gives Co-Star A Lesson In Red Carpet Rudeness

Actresses haven't been backward at coming forward this year on the inequalities of the movie industry in general, and their treatment on the red carpet in particular.

Kristen Stewart is the latest star to reveal just how differently male and female actors get treated when it comes to what questions they're asked - and she pranked her 'American Ultra' co-star Jesse Eisenberg to do it.

Jesse becomes more and more uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of Kristen's questions - which is strange, seeing as they're only the very normal type of enquiries that female actresses receive all the time.

Watch how Kristen gives Jesse a lesson in their video for 'Funny or Die' above...

This comes on the back of a group of actresses speaking out after years of withstanding unequal treatment - whether it be what they're asked to wear to auditions, to the age differences permitted between them and their leading men. Zoe Kravitz claims she was even told she wasn't to audition for 'Dark Knight' because... they "weren't going urban".

Maybe this is karma for Jesse... two years ago, he sat down for an interview with Romina Puga for his film 'Now You See Me' which he succeeded in making more and more awkward. Remind yourself of his charms here...


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