Want To Watch A DVD On Free Windows 10? That's £11.59


If you've just upgraded to Windows 10 then you might find yourself about to his a spot of bother, especially if you were planning on watching a DVD.

While Microsoft's newest operating system is free to download, some rather key features on it are not, in particular the ability to watch a film.

Windows 10 does not ship with a DVD player app so if you've downloaded it on a desktop or laptop with a DVD or Blu-ray drive then you're going to be in for a shock.

Don't panic though, Microsoft has a DVD Player app that you can download, except it'll cost you £11.59.

The bizarre move is one of a number that Microsoft has made including turning the much-loved Solitaire game on the operating system into a free-to-play model that now features adverts. Want to remove the ads? That'll cost you.

To add some perspective to the situation, there are plenty of DVD playing apps out there that are free, indeed this feature has been a problem in the past with many computer manufacturers including their own free software with the computer.

This will prove more of a problem though if you're not buying a new computer but updating your old one.

There is one last glimmer of hope, if you happened to be a customer that owned Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium or Windows 8.1 with Media Center then the DVD Player app is free for a limited time, so hop to it.

Microsoft's biggest operating system update launched on Wednesday 29 July as a free upgrade from Windows 8 offering a new more desktop-friendly interface that could adapt depending on the type of product you were using it on.

Whether you had a tablet, phone or computer, Windows 10 will change the way it looks to make it easier for either touchscreen interaction or keyboards and a mouse.

Here are some of the biggest new features:

  • Cortana

Microsoft's digital assistant is perhaps the software's best feature because this is the first time we will have a desktop-based personal assistant that talks back to us.

Apple is yet to bring Siri to OS X, so Cortana has every opportunity to give Windows 10 that extra edge over its competitors.

While it will take some learning, The Guardian reports that it can remember previous questions, TV shows and talk back to you if you ask it a question, instead of typing it.

  • Automatic updates

According to Forbes, users said that the update is automatically installing new drivers on their system.

The only way to solve this problem is to either hack the software or uninstall third party drivers.

  • Microsoft Edge

Dubbed as the browser that will kill Internet Explorer, Edge has been given a thumbs up by reviewers.

The browser's most note-worthy feature is one that will allow us to annotate internet pages as we go along. The only disadvantage is that once you've added your notes, you won't be able to change anything -- much the same as what happens once you've flattened an image in Photoshop.

Some users have even said that it could beat Chrome, but it is still too early to tell if this will become a view held by the majority.

  • Xbox app

This feature will a precious one to most gamers as it integrates Xbox friends list, messages and activity feeds with PCs.

What this effectively means is that you can keep in touch with Xbox friends without actually having to use the console.

The app will also allow you to stream games from the Xbox One to your PC -- handy if you are running short of screens.

This has of course, made quite a few people happy.

  • Continuum

Continuum was undoubtedly designed to optimise the Windows 10 experience across both tablet and desktop as it gives users the option to seamlessly switch between both modes.

In tablet mode, the OS is touch-friendly and displays open apps in full-screen.

The final verdict

So far, the majority of users seem to be happy customers with some Windows 7 fans simply watching and waiting for others to weather the software's teething problems.

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