Amal Clooney To Replace Donald Trump On The US ‘The Apprentice'?

Amal Clooney could be taking her career in a new direction, as reports state she’s on the hitlist for NBC bosses, currently looking for a new star to front the US version of ‘The Apprentice’.

Donald Trump previously acted as the big, bad boss on the show, but now that he’s busy running for President and making many questionable comments about people from Mexico, NBC need a new face.

And who better than human rights lawyer Amal? No, we don’t get it either.

Amal 'You're Fired' Clooney doesn't exactly work, does it?

The Daily Express quotes an NBC source, who reveals why the channel have their hearts set on Amal.

Because, y’know, being married to Mr Clooney is obviously far more important than any of Amal’s high profile legal cases.

Previous reports stated that Lord Sugar could get one over on Donald by nabbing the role, but he can now step aside and make way for Amal 'Reality TV Queen-In-Waiting' Clooney.

Helpfully, 'The Apprentice' is filmed in New York, where Amal has a number of professional commitments.

She is currently a visiting lecturer at Columbia Law School, though Amal and George are believed to be planning a permanent move to the UK, where the lawyer grew up, in the near future.

The couple have purchased a new home in Berkshire, and back in June, Amal spent time in London, meeting David Cameron in the House Of Commons.

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