'Coronation Street': Paddy McGuinness Appears In New Trailer (VIDEO)

‘Coronation Street’ fans can now enjoy a sneak peek at Paddy McGuinness’s forthcoming appearance in the soap, thanks to the release of a brand new teaser trailer.


The ‘Take Me Out’ presenter will appear in scenes next week, when his character, Dougie Ryan, encounters Kirk, Beth and Craig during a camping trip in Wales, alongside Fiz and Tyrone.

Unfortunately for them, he doesn’t quite take the hint that the group don’t exactly want him around all the time, and he clearly begins to get on a few members of the group’s nerves with his "know-it-all" attitude.

Paddy McGuinness in 'Corrie'

Even worse, Craig ends up taking a shine to Dougie’s teenage daughter, Caitlin, meaning any chance of getting shot of him is scarpered pretty quickly.

Paddy’s first scenes will begin airing during Monday, 17 August’s ‘Corrie’ double bill, on ITV.

Tyrone is unimpressed with Dougie

Let’s just hope he’s received more warmly than the soap’s most recent celebrity guest star.

‘X Factor’ winner Shayne Ward is also due to arrive in Weatherfield later this month.

Matt Willis in 'EastEnders'

Popstar to Soapstar