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Those romantic getaways to Fernandos have led to more marriages and babies than you might think.
Paddy McGuinness has insisted that he’s spoken to ITV bosses about making an LGBT+ ‘Take Me Out’ special, following calls
‘Take Me Out’ has confirmed they will air footage from late contestant Charlie Watkins’s date, as well as on spin-off show
It is a couple of weeks since my Take Me Out episode aired and I am still asking myself why I did it... We all know that first dates are usually quite nerve-wracking - now imagine being filmed by a camera crew with a microphone recording every embarrassing word that comes out of your mouth. Did it feel natural? No. While the date wasn't scripted, there was plenty of off-camera prompting from producers hoping to spark some romance - which tends to make you think the date is going better than it is.
Paddy McGuinness’s wife, Christine, has revealed why she's certain her husband would never be unfaithful to her. READ MORE
‘Take Me Out’ bosses have managed to get together another couple, however the lucky pair weren’t actually paired together