Why We Won't Be Hanging Up Our Handbags In Favour Of A Stassy Sassy Stash Garter Just Yet

Lugging round a massive handbag on a night out can be as mood destroying as an evening in crippling heels - it just ends up cramping your style.

But what if there was a way you could carry all your essentials while leaving your bag at home? Then you'd be free to re-enact the entirety of Beyoncé's Drunk in Love routine without leaving your stuff in a pile of beer.

Introducing, the Sassy Stash.

A lace garter with inbuilt pockets and silicone grippers, the Sassy Stash is described by its creators as a "smart, secure and stylish way for women to store all of their essentials while on the go."

According to their website, the idea for the hands-free valuable holder came after a girls night out where the women in the group had to coat check their bags - and we can totally relate.

Anyone trying to separate us from our iPhone would have another thing coming (even during Digital Detox month....)

But despite it all seeming like a great idea, we can't help but point out a few small problems.

What would happen if you were wearing a skin-tight dress? Or went wild on the dance floor?

Or what if a bouncer went to search you and assumed you were 'holding' à la Lara Croft?

And don't even get us started on the situations where it's totally not appropriate to stick your hand up your skirt to grab your phone/purse/house keys.

It could all get pretty awkward pretty quickly...

The Sassy Stash garters also only come in one size, a UK 6-10, which leaves a lot of people out of the hands-free fun.

We think this one might need some more work before it takes off.

Worst Fashion Inventions

Worst Fashion Inventions