Steve-O Sea World Protest Live Streamed On Facebook To 10 Million Viewers

10 Million People Saw This 'Jackass' Sea World Protest

Jackass star Steve-O has continued his campaign against American theme park Sea World by broadcasting a daring climb to the top of a construction crane.

The protest took place on Sunday evening in downtown Los Angeles and saw Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, take an inflatable killer whale to the top of a crane around 100ft above the ground.

He used a mobile phone to document his assent, and used a new Facebook feature to stream it live to as many as 10 million people.

He was arrested shortly after returning to the ground, with The Associated Press reporting that five ambulances, a helicopter and 80 firefighters responded.

"Some of the resources on this hoax could have been devoted to a real emergency," Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart told the news agency.

Steve-O is also thought to have set off fireworks during his climb.

Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?

Posted by Steve-O on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Now his videos have been viewed over 10m times on the social network.

It's stunt time.

Posted by Steve-O on Sunday, August 9, 2015

In a similar protest last year, Steve-O changed signs on a major motorway to read "Seaworld Sucks" in an effort to obscure directions for visitors.

The stunt was in response to allegations of animal mistreatment at Sea World parks made in a documentary film aired in 2013.

Last week, the company said that visitor numbers are continuing to fall following the success of the CNN documentary film "Blackfish".

Its Californian park in San Diego is particularly affected.

"Blackfish", which gained popularity on video streaming service Netflix, detailed alleged abuse of animal rights at Sea World parks and raised concerns for the wellbeing of captured whales.

The film chronicled the life of captured orca Tilikum, the animal responsible for the death of at least one whale trainer since being held in captivity, and included interviews with former Sea World workers.

Sea World says it is investing in bigger enclosures for orcas at parks in Orlando and San Diego.


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