An orca that killed a trainer and was profiled in the Blackfish documentary has died. SeaWorld confirmed the news, stating
Animal Welfare is one of the most important issues facing the world today but yet, from a TV and film point of view, it appears
SeaWorld sent employees to infiltrate a leading animal rights group, the beleaguered park's boss has admitted. It comes after
Photo with kind permission of Jo Phillips Nicole Ventor and Jo Phillips, two of the volunteer administrators/organisers from
SeaWorld has been ordered not to breed its orcas, despite just dishing out $100 million (£65million) towards the expansion
Jackass star Steve-O has continued his campaign against American theme park Sea World by broadcasting a daring climb to the
JV Douglas wondered: “Ominous sign to a similar case before 2011 earthquake in Japan?” Toshiaki Kishiro, head of the Cetacean
Following on from my article 'Taiji Culture, Tradition or Greed' published on November 28th 2014, I would like to introduce you to Rachel Barton. In October this year she made what I would call an extremely difficult decision to travel to Taiji and witness first-hand the merciless and continuous dolphin drives that take place there.
In a country renowned for its innovative technology and leading the way in this field through its expertise and sophistication, I call to question its need for outdated entertainment within the numerous dolphinariums and marine parks in Japan.