Alastair Campbell And Diane Abbott In Labour Leadership Twitter Spat

As the Labour leadership contest draws closer to the ballot, it's perhaps unsurprising that the debate between different factions of the party is becoming ever more tense online.

It's fair to say that Diane Abbott and Alastair Campbell have few things in common politically save their allegiance to the Labour party.

And now the pair have held a frank exchange of views on Twitter on Tuesday morning following Campbell's plea to party members to "vote anyone but Jeremy Corbyn," the current odds-on favourite to win the contest in September.

He wrote: "Whatever the niceness and the current warm glow, Corbyn will be a leader of the hard left, for the hard left, and espousing both general politics and specific positions that the public just are not going to accept in many of the seats that Labour is going to have to win to get back in power."

And when Abbott and others responded to the piece with a shrift reposte, Campbell hit back.

Abbott then joined the debate.

Campbell has yet to respond.

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