Naked Josep Ivan Argelaga Is Pretending To Be A Dog All In The Name Of Art

There's A Naked Guy Crawling Around Barcelona Pretending To Be A Dog

Josep Ivan Argelaga - or as he's more commonly known, "dogman" - is exploring the boundaries of provocative art.

In doing so, he is performing as a "naked dog", with an aim to explore unique behaviors of human beings. Yes, you heard that right.

When in "dog mode", his acts include crawling around on all fours, sniffing, being petted and drinking from a dog bowl just like any other canine.

The act is part of a performance in Barcelona

Argelaga, performing in Barcelona, discussed his animal act and said: "I like to interact with people as a dog - to experience how they react.

"I started doing this 13-years-ago but [only] occasionally.

"I first performed at a freak festival in Balaguer where people from various genres appear."

Although the act is somewhat alternative, reaction towards the canine impersonator has been mainly amicable and those in the audience appear to be intrigued.

Perciles Kordolaimis, a spectator, said: "I think it's necessary to make more pairings between the animal world and the human world. It's very interesting."

And Kavine Marie, who was also watching the show, said: "I see him as a person who has a lot of courage."

Argelaga's show, 'After Sun, Hombreperro' runs regularly at bar Madame Jasmine, Barcelona, Spain.

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