11/08/2015 05:26 BST | Updated 11/08/2015 08:59 BST

‘Take Me Out' Presenter Paddy McGuinness ‘Storms Into Beauty Salon' Believing Wife Christine Was On Receiving End Of Inappropriate Sexual Comment

A video showing Paddy McGuinness entering a beauty salon, and confronting a member of staff, has been published online.

The clip shows the ‘Take Me Out’ presenter approaching one of the staff, allegedly under the impression that the male worker made an inappropriate comment to his wife Christine, while she was having a pedicure the day before.

Paddy can be seen approaching the worker

The Sun, who revealed the footage on Monday, state that Paddy claimed the worker had told his wife that she had given him a “hard on”.

Following the paper’s publication of the footage, Paddy’s lawyer told the paper: “Paddy’s wife Christine recently visited a salon for a pedicure during which the male attendant said something completely inappropriate and of a sexual nature to her.

“She was very upset by the statement and told Paddy who then went to the salon to remonstrate with the individual, which he did strongly as any husband would.

“Neither the salon nor its employee has yet made any apology to Christine, and so she and Paddy have consulted their lawyers about what action they should take against both the individual and the salon.”

However, in an unexpected twist, the salon’s owner has hit back, stating that the technician giving Christine a pedicure actually told her she had “hard skin” on her feet.

The salon owner believes Paddy's wife was mistaken

‘Take Me Out’ is currently between series, however Paddy is set to return to ITV, when he makes a guest appearance on ‘Coronation Street’.

A trailer published on Monday gave fans a taste of what to expect from his comedic character, who meets Kirk, Fizz and a selection of other ‘Corrie’ mainstays when they go on a camping trip in Wales.

Earlier this year, the star revealed hopes for a gay version of dating show ‘Take Me Out’, explaining: “I have asked about a gay version. We have done an OAP special and a celebrity special.

“I have also asked about a reality TV special. It is in the mix. It is up to the powers that be.”

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