iPhone 6s Rumours Fly Ahead Of New Apple Phone Launch

Will It Be Pink? How Much Will It Cost? The iPhone 6s Rumours Are Flying

A new iPhone launch comes with much anticipation and this year's new model is no exception.

As always, Apple is keeping its key features under the radar, but this hasn't stopped speculation from emerging.

One feasible prediction is the launch date, which is expected to be in September, the same month as the original iPhone and other flagship products have been released.

Apple could be releasing a new colour set... with a pink model

There may be a few exterior changes to the new iPhone, including the new colour option of pink. The shade, as speculated by Mac Rumors, could be named 'rose gold'.

The 2015 iPhones are also expected to include the Force Touch feature, first introduced with the Apple Watch.

The feature allows for new gestures that incorporate pressure sensitivity and improved Touch ID to make fingerprint recognition faster.

Another main change to the new iPhone could be the camera, and according to blogger John Gruber, the product will see the “biggest camera jump ever”, offering quality to rival a DSLR. Additional reports claim that it will also offer 4K video recording.

It could also include a smaller and faster processor which uses less power. One in the mix is the A9, produced by Samsung.

Storage is also in line for an update and the RAM could be upgraded to 2GB from the current 1GB.

However if you're convinced that the new gadget is everything you wanted, you may want to start saving now. Getting your hands on one of the new phones could set you back at least £539 according to Tech Radar.


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