Sky Ladder Chinese Firework Ascends Into Sky During Sensational Display

An amazing firework display which launches a glowing ladder into the sky has been developed by a Chinese artist.

Cai Guo-Qiang designed the pyrotechnic to slowly build as it rises - adding rungs to an ever lengthening ladder.

The video appears to show the phenomenon steadily rising, slowly building to its crescendo.

The amazing display took place in June

The piece is named Sky Ladder, and took place at Huiyu Island Harbour, Quanzhou, Fujian, on June 15th. It lasted around two and a half minutes.

This is how it works

The artist assembled a network of interconnecting cables and charges which, when threaded together, formed the main ladder structure.

This structure is then attached to an air balloon which is inflated and tied to the ground. It is then allowed to ascend to a specific height, allowing the structure to point directly into the sky.

The air balloon is hidden just out of shot, above

Using gunpowder, the interconnecting cables are then set alight, allowing for the amazing effect captured on the video above.

However, lurking just out of frame high above is the inflated balloon and various other secure cabling.

View the full behind-the-scenes photo set here.

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