How much do you really know about the figure behind Bonfire Night?
Explosives named "Reign of Terror" criticised as pressure grows for firearms-style licensing.
The 10-minute display also featured a humorous nod to one of the "new normals" of 2020 – working from home.
Remember, remember the fifth of November. There are still events taking place during the pandemic.
Fireworks went off and fans waved flags and sang: “We’ve gone and won the league.”
The 50-year-old was visiting the resort town of Pattaya.
Some of those in the crowd attempted to break the door down, whilst traffic cones were thrown at a man believed to be responsible.
Our pets rarely enjoy the firework displays around Guy Fawkes Night. Follow these tips to look after your furry friends.
A number of events have been cancelled.
Do you consider yourself a kind person? If so, how can you support firework displays? The price of those bangs and flashes is just too high, author Chas Newkey-Burden writes.