A-Level Results Day: There's Some Serious #HumbleBragging Going On Right Now

A-Level Results: There's Some Serious #HumbleBragging Going On Right Now

There's a lot of self-congratulating going on today. And, it's not surprising, given more than 400,000 students got accepted onto university courses.

In fact, today is a fine lesson in the art of humble bragging. Too subtle - and it's missed - too much - and you end up looking like Jeremy Clarkson.

And no-one wants that.

There was the loud and proud #humblebrag

To the sneakily subtle humble brag..

To the straight up brag. No humility here.

To the plain outrageous brag..

All the bragging did start to get on some people's nerves..

Thankfully, Ian Beale stepped in and called for calm to put a stop to the nonsense.

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