3D Printed Bow Ties Are A Thing And They're Awesome

There seems to be a national day for almost everything under the sun - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day anyone - but today is one we can really get behind (even if it is actually American)... National Bow Tie Day.

To celebrate this (definitely underused) menswear trend, we bring to you the coolest style we've ever seen.

Introducing, the 3D printed bow tie.

Designed by Oliver Smith for WonderLuk, these statement accessories were created for "the futuristic, fashion-forward chap or chapette."

And we want them all!

The bow ties come in a range of four styles, all named after incredible innovators in art, science and mathematics - there's the Escher (pictured above), the Kepler, the Mobius, and the Pascal.

The Kepler

The Mobius

The Pascal

The Oliver Smith for WonderLuk 3D Printed Bow Ties are priced at £49 each from

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