Man Rides Giant Crocodile Like A Horse, As You Do

Brave - Or Possibly Mad - Man Rides Giant Crocodile Like A Horse

A brave or possibly insane man has been filmed riding an enormous crocodile as if it were a horse - as you do.

He first daringly smacks the crocodile on the head before splashing the water with ‘a little snack’ to tempt the beast out of the water.

As the croc erupts from the water the man he barely even flinches but the screams of the observers are testament to how fearsome it looks.

Despite being many times the mans size he goes on to sit behind its hind legs with no fear, commenting on the size of the reptiles muscular legs as he does so.

While the crocodile slowly makes its way back to the water the man refuses to move position and rides it boldly as if it were a horse.

Unperturbed by the whole event the man turns to the camera and ends the video with a brilliant line: "Is that a croc between your legs or are you just happy to see me?"

Funny fellow...

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