A brave or possibly insane man has been filmed riding an enormous crocodile as if it were a horse - as you do. He first daringly
Australian artist Paul Davies first caught my eye earlier this year, with his atmospheric series of paintings which seductively draw you into a utopia that precariously balances between an unforgiving natural space and a built urban environment.
The first Formula 1 Qualifying session is over and the season has launched. The grid is set for Sunday's first F1 race of the 2014 season. Did I mention the season has started?
What does the budget mean to me? Me personally? It means nothing. Absolutely nothing. After looking through every different
A nine-year-old boy is feared dead after he was snatched by a crocodile in Northern Australia. The boy was swimming with
This video shows the terrifying moment that white passengers on a Melbourne bus threatened to "f***ing boxcutter" four French
A missing seven-year-old Aboriginal girl is feared to have been killed after human remains were found in the stomach of a
Sports governing bodies from Japan and Australia are under fire after complaints that male Olympic athletes flew business
The Australian government takes swearing very seriously, even going so far as to propose a fine for anyone heard saying a
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Shane Warne borrows girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley's beauty products despite having his "own set", according