"The people have spoken. The voice of the people is the voice of God,” he told thousands of supporters on Wednesday.
The 75-year-old was one of Robert Mugabe’s most trusted lieutenants, having been at his side in prison, during wartime and then in government.
And they could pick up the 'idiots of the century award' while they're at it.
Each year, dozens of cars are washed into the river attempting to drive on Cahill Crossing.
Incredible photos show the moment a wildlife photographer took his daughter swimming with crocodiles in Cuba. Alexa Frink
A photographer has captured dramatic scenes of two crocodiles trying to eat each other during a violent battle in tropical
A brave or possibly insane man has been filmed riding an enormous crocodile as if it were a horse - as you do. He first daringly
There's no simple answer to the philosophical and perhaps even moral question of whether in removing risk we also remove meaning from our brief, potential-filled time on this planet. I don't share my habitat with crocodiles or elephants or tigers, or even boar. But I do know that the eye of that reef shark will be etched forever in my mind, and that I can't bear the thought of a world where no creature could ever make me afraid.
69 people have died and a further 196 have been admitted to hospital after drinking contaminated beer during a funeral in