Incredible Photos Of 5-Year-Old Who Lives On A Boat, Swimming With A Sea Turtle

Beautiful photos capture a five-year-old girl's magical underwater adventure with a sea turtle.

Arias has been living on a boat since she was born.

Her mum and dad - Genevieve and Eben Stolz - decided to raise Arias and her three-year-old sister Ellia on a boat when they found out that they were expecting their first baby while sailing the Caribbean.

Genevieve Stolz shared the photos of the beautiful moment Arias, found, swam and touched the sea turtle.

"We floated above [the turtles] just watching and admiring until the larger one swam up right under Arias and pretty much placed her shell in her hands," Stolz told HuffPost UK Parents.

"We do not encourage our girls to chase wildlife, you admire from afar and let them be. But this turtle approached her for the contact and friendship."

Stolz, who blogs on It's A Necessity, said the moment was "incredible".

She added: "The turtle stayed at the surface with Arias for a full three minutes, which is incredible.

"She floated and swam with Arias, always staying within an arm's reach.

"The smile on Arias' face, because the turtle was giving her this magical opportunity, it was priceless. This turtle made our little mermaid so happy."

Stolz added: "We understand why you are not supposed to touch wildlife, for your safety and the animal's, and have taught that to our daughters.

"But we swim these waters almost daily and admire these turtles often, and this turtle must remember Arias' face because the turtle chose to make contact with her, not the other way around.

"The turtle obviously wanted to meet and play with Arias. It was a magical moment and we are grateful it happened.

"Arias keeps asking if we can go snorkelling again to see if Nala (she named the turtle) will come and see her again".

To follow the family's adventures, visit their blog or follow their Facebook page.

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