ITV's Tom Bradby Reveals Shocking Moment He Tried To Save Greek Man From Suicide

ITV Political Editor 'Dives In' To Save Suicidal Greek Man

ITV's political editor has described with "shock and anger" the moment he tried to save a Greek man from apparently killing himself, while customs officials did nothing.

Tom Bradby posted a series of tweets detailing the horrific incident at the port of Rafina in Greece on Sunday.

He said despite diving in after the man, who drove his car off a wall, only one of the 10 local officials tried to help.

Tom Bradby, pictured with wife Claudia, tweeted about the horrifying incident

The broadcaster said he dived in to help the man but couldn't get him out. It was not clear if the man survived or not.

According to Greek English newspaper Ekathimireni, the coastguard and traffic police had been placed on standby in ports including Rafina, to accommodate for the national holiday on August 15.

The incident is just the latest piece of tragic news from the country. Amid economic turmoil, the country is also at the front line of a major immigration crisis, which has recently seen refugees locked up in a stadium, while others live rough around island towns and cities.

Rafina is a port just outside Athens

Tom Bradby could not be reached for further comment.

Bradby, 48, has been announced as the new host of ITV's News at Ten in an overhaul of the co-host format featuring Mark Austin and Julie Etchingham.

The father-of-three, a former royal correspondent, won acclaim when he secured the first official interview with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after their engagement.

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