17/08/2015 13:31 BST | Updated 17/08/2015 13:59 BST

BibleWalk Museum In Ohio Celebrates 'God's Glory' By Dressing Prince Philip As An Archangel

Behold the beautiful face of an archangel… who looks surprisingly like an irascible old bigot. Welcome to the BibleWalk museum in Ohio, which "glorifies God's works" by dressing up discarded life-size celebrity waxworks as characters from the Book, including Prince Philip in white robes as the centrepiece of an angelic vignette.

'If I stay in this scene too long I'll get slitty-eyed...'

Other celebrities rehashed by the museum include John Travolta as King Solomon, Elizabeth Taylor as Solomon’s wife, Steve McQueen as a nativity onlooker and Prince Charles as a good shepherd. Tom Cruise of course, plays Jesus; George Harrison and Marlon Brando also put in a shift. Visitors to the museum gaze upon scenes from the "Life of Christ," "Miracles of the Old Testament," the "Museum of Christian Martyrs" and the "Heart of the Reformation."

The exhibition started more than 30 years ago with fibreglass figures bought from a Pittsburgh museum. However, Museum Director Julia Mott-Hardin doesn’t like to talk about the history of the figures. She said: “I've had calls from people who wanted to take the tour, but only if I accompanied them pointing out the celebrities. I refused. The museum is about glorifying God and his works. That's what we want to achieve. I just don't want to take any of the glory away from God. That's the most important aspect of BibleWalk, God's glory."

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