The 'OUYE' Is A Shameless Rip Off Of Both The Xbox One AND PS4

This is the OUYE, it's a games console that's made in China.

Notice anything familiar about it?

It is categorically not in anyway affiliated to either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 OK? In fact why would you even mention either in the same breadth as this totally unique and original piece of product design.

Appearing on China's version of Kickstarter, this Android-powered micro console was discovered by the eagle-eyed writers over at gaming site Kotaku.

It is essentially a slightly-more-powerful version of the OUYA, another Android console that was actually born out of Kickstarter and hoped to takeover our living rooms with the promise of cheap but graphically impressive video gaming.

Where the consoles differ though is in the design. The OUYE's 'unique' design took a whole 6 months from start to finish. Some have suggested that the finished result of their original thoughts might bare the tiniest resemblance to being a PS4 with an Xbox One controller.

This is of course nonsense, they look nothing like both of those consoles, which is exactly why this isn't even a story. In fact why am I still writing.

We jest, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.