Rat Video Shows How Easily The Rodents Can Climb Into Your Toilet

Nightmarish Video Illustrates Just How Easy It Is For A Rat To Invade Your Toilet

If you are scared of rats, look away now.

A nightmarish video by National Geographic has illustrated how easy it is for the rodents to climb through the pipes of bathrooms and into your toilet.

To do this, the creatures easily slip into grates and manhole covers, leading them through sewage into the residential pipes of homes.

The rat easily navigates through the u-bend of the toilet

To embark into the entrance of the abode, they clamber up through the sewage pipes, using their extremely sharp claws, which help them scale almost any vertical surface.

The video claims that the most difficult part of the process is navigating through the tightly fitted, maze like toilet pipes. Although, it adds, if the rodent can fit its head through a space, then the rest of its body will follow:

"Now it faces the biggest test, getting through the last few inches of the narrow toilet pipes. Is this even possible?

"The underwater passage leaves no room for air. At a turn, the rat finds a pocket of air, just enough to help it push on to the end of the line."

Rats are able to navigate such small spaces as their ribs are hinged on their spine, allowing them to effortlessly collapse.

They are also expert swimmers, paddling with their back legs, while their front feet steer. They can swim in water for up to three days straight and also hold their breath whilst submerged for up to three minutes.

Being that their strong teeth allow them to chew through glass, cinderblock, wire, aluminum and lead, it's almost impossible to proof your home from them.

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