Animal Rights Activist Attacked With Duck At Traditional Catalan Festival

In scenes of a bizarre nature an animal rights activist has been attacked by a live duck at a festival in the Catalan town of Roses.

The celebration is named the 'duck chase' and takes place every August. During the event the birds are thrown into the Mediterranean, then swimmers rush to catch them and bring them back to shore.

Animal Rescue España, which released the video, criticised the event for causing the animals "stress, internal haemorrhaging, pain, fear and suffering" and has launched a petition calling for the end of the celebration.

An unidentified woman struck the camera-man with the animal

The incident occurred when the animal rights activist attended the event, armed with a camera and began shouting at the attendees: "Continue, continue. Continue to abuse, I am filming you,

"A little bit of empathy for the animals. They also have a life, like your children or your family."

Whilst he was expressing his opinions, a woman wearing a white swimsuit approached him and began to attack him with a live duck.

The petition, which has currently received over 12,000 signatures, states: "In the case of the duck chase, about a fifty of them are unnecessarily thrown into the sea to be caught by the people swimming, generating big amounts of suffering, fear and anxiety to the animals."

In response to the increasing public pressure the Mayor of Roses, Montse Mindan made a statement to news site Emporda. He proposed holding a referendum on the issue, leaving it up to the residents to decide on the historical events fate.