Ashley Madison Hack Reveals A Cheaters' Map That Plots Surprising Distribution Of Infidelity

Someone Made A Map Of The Ashley Madison Members And The Results Are Pretty Shocking

A Spanish digital agency has analysed the data from the Ashley Madison hack and plotted where users live around the world on an online map.

Tecnilógica, in Madrid, looked at the distribution of users (revealed in the hacked data) in terms of gender and location and came to a few surprising conclusions.

The colours depict the male to female ratio of Ashley Madison users, with red representing areas where more than 85% of the users are men.

In the UK, it would appear that the male to female ratio is higher.

However, in India there is a higher proportion of women who appear to have used the site.

According to the map, some areas including China and Russia have zero subscribers, with the main concentration being limited to Western Europe and parts of North America.

Despite security experts warning people not to take user emails as a sign of adultery, both data dumps have stirred controversy world wide as the data has revealed addresses linked to UN, Vatican and government staff.


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