Six-Year-Old With Rare Syndrome Completely Steals The Show At Zumba Convention

A six-year-old girl has melted hearts all over the world with her show-stopping performance at a Zumba convention.

Audrey suffers from Diamond-Blackfan anaemia, a rare syndrome that arises when the bone marrow fails to produce red blood cells.

But nothing stopped her showing off her impressive moves during the three-minute show.

Audrey's Dad, Scott Nethery, uploaded the video of his daughter showing off her impressive moves during the three-minute routine.

Nethery explained Audrey was invited by Zumba to open the International Zumba Conference in Orlando.

Nethery wrote: "This is her performance with her local instructors and some of the best Zumba dancers in the Zumba community. Thanks so much Zumba."

Dancing as the only child among seven adults, Audrey energetically jumps around on stage and never misses a single move.

Audrey's family are hoping to spread the word about her illness and have created a Facebook page requesting donations to fund research.

Watch the whole video above, you won't regret it.

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