Woman Writes Inspiring Final Facebook Post After Six Year Cancer Battle

A woman has posted the most positive and inspiring final Facebook status after losing a six year fight against cancer.

Seema Jaya Sharma, 37, had been given the all clear three times during her longterm battle with the disease, and according to the Evening Standard, she'd fronted a campaign for Cancer Research UK.

However on 21 August she passed away at 2.10pm after the cancer had returned.

Rather than leaving a heartbreaking Facebook status to family and friends, the mother from Ilford made her final words count in the best way.

Love it x

Posted by Raj Ghai on Friday, 3 October 2014

The Facebook post reads: "This is me.. SEEMA Jaya Sharma. Please keep me alive through you good times and every time you laugh or smile and have fun, i'm right there having fun with u!!! YAY!!!

"Don't cry for me Argentina," she wrote, "the truth is that i didn't even know where u are on the map!! Geography was never my strong point!! :S.

"Anyway this is me saying 'peace out people' if a bird poos on ur head, that's just me saying 'yo man' and if i really like u then i might just come haunt you to create ur own kinda bird poo innit!!! hehe!! LOVE YOU!!! MWAH :) xxx"

Sharma also left instructions for her funeral and requested that guests arrive in "bright colours" to celebrate her life.

She wrote: "Oh theres gonna be a wake after too (location will be confirmed) and I would prefer it if nobody goes to my house between now and the funeral. TANKOOOOOOOO :) xxx colourful clothes please!!! We're celebrating!!! WOOOHOOOO :) xxx"

The Facebook status was uploaded by a family member who wrote: "She wanted her last words to be 'I got 21 seconds to go!!! hehe :P)'."

Since the post was uploaded, it has been attracted more than 7,000 likes and many people have commented on what a brave and wonderful woman Sharma was.

"What an amazing woman, the legacy she has left behind will be far reaching," said one user. While another wrote: "RIP Seema. A bright colourful beautiful twinkling star to watch over your loved ones. Condolences to family & friends."