Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend On Aeroplane, Woman Live Tweets The Whole Thing - It Sounds Awkward

Couple Break-Up On Delayed Flight, Woman Live Tweets Whole Thing

Being dumped in any public place is tough, but an aeroplane must be the worst place ever to go through a break-up.

Kelly Keegs found herself sat near a couple in the midst of an explosive argument on a recent flight.

But instead of letting their break-up ruin her journey, she decided to live tweet the whole thing.

It seems it was the guy who made the decision to end the relationship, although by the sounds of things, the break-up was a long time coming.

At first, the girl appears to be more upset about the money she wasted on the flight, than anything else.

Things continue to get heated, and Keegs just keeps on tweeting.

Keegs, along with thousands of people on Twitter, seem to be enjoying the drama.

But the couple breaking up are not having so much fun.

Eventually, they realise silence may be the best option.

Then, we get a clue as to what caused the break-up in the first place.

Much to the surprise of the other plane passengers (and everyone following the story on Twitter) the couple suddenly appear to kiss and make up.

Before ordering a load of booze to get them through the flight.

Fair enough.

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