Man Whose Pregnancy And Miscarriage Announcements Went Viral Had Ashley Madison Account

Sam Rader and his wife Nia became a viral sensation when Sam found out his wife was pregnant before she did.

The American YouTuber filmed the moment he did a pregnancy test on his Nia's urine and the happy news received more than 10 million views online.

But tragically, just three days later, the couple uploaded a second video to their YouTube channel announcing they had suffered a miscarriage.

On Friday, the pair received yet another blow, when The Daily Mail reported that Sam's details had been found on Ashley Madison - the dating site for married people wishing to have affairs, which was recently hacked.

Now, the couple has released a video telling the truth about Sam's involvement with Ashley Madison, saying they believe their viewers are owed an explanation.

"As you may have seen, my name has been associated with an Ashley Madison account. I did make the account two years ago," Sam begins in the video above.

"This is an issue that is in our past. This was before I got onto YouTube. This was brought to my wife's attention. She has forgiven me for this mistake that I made in opening the account."

He goes on to explain that he created the account purely out of "fleshly desires and simple curiosity" and says that he and Nia sought advice from their church at the time about his involvement with Ashley Madison.

"I have sought forgiveness from God and he has forgiven me, so I have been completely cleansed of this sin," he says.

"I need to be clear that I have never met a single person face-to-face through that website, and that I never had an affair with anyone, ever, while I have been married to Nia."

Towards the end of the video, Nia says she has forgiven her husband for the mistakes he made in the past.

"Our marriage is worth fighting for and it always will be," she says.

"And I just want to encourage you guys who are dealing with any kind of situation like this within your marriage to just fight for what you have."

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