Double Backflip On Jet Ski By Daniel Martin At U.S. Open Of Wakesurfing Is Insane

At the U.S. Open of Wakesurfing, Daniel Martin successfully performed a jet ski double backflip and caught it all in incredible GoPro footage.

With what seems a total absence of fear, the daredevil can be seen using a wave to propel himself into the air, before executing the 720 degree flip.

The crowd erupted into cheers as he completed the stunt, which has been hailed the first of its kind to use boat induced waves.

He sped towards the wave, which is sometimes referred to as the spine, catching the break at exactly the right angle to launch him enough into the air.

Although the competition was mainly aimed at Wakesurfing, other variations of the sport took place.

Wakesurfing is when a surfer trails behind a wakeboard boat, catching the boat's wake without being directly pulled by the boat.