Girl 'Wakes Up' After Being Buried In Concrete Tomb, Relatives Smash Open Coffin

A group of mourning relatives have smashed open a deceased teenagers concrete tomb after reportedly hearing her screams from within.

The startling footage, published online by Spanish language news broadcaster Primer Impacto, shows the family members frantically trying to break open 16-year-old Neysi Perez's place of rest with a sledgehammer.

According to reports, relatives claimed that the glass viewing window on her coffin had been smashed.

The family battled to open up her coffin

Perez was buried in her wedding dress, which she had worn recently to get married to husband Rudy Gonzales.

Gozales told Primer Impacto: "As I put my hand on her grave I could hear noises inside. I heard banging, then I heard her voice. She was screaming for help.

"It had already been a day since we buried her. I couldn't believe it. I was ecstatic, full of hope."

When the family managed to break open the coffin, they can be seen in distressing scenes, trying to revive her.

Medical officials later arrived and she was taken to the hospital in San Pedro Sula, however after testing doctors found she was clinically dead.