Irish 'Boxer' Fights Entire Istanbul Neighbourhood In Amazing Video

An Irish 'Boxer' Brawled With An Entire Turkish Neighbourhood - And Won

An Irish man has been caught on camera allegedly fighting an entire Istanbul neighborhood in a mass brawl with shopkeepers.

Turkish media described the man as an “Irish boxer/tourist” and speculated that the argument sparked after the tourist accidentally spilled a fridge full of bottles of water.

Locals used social media to spread the shocking footage of the scenes of mass violence.

The man took on a group of men armed with weapons

Shopkeepers can be seen swarming the man, who resisted as he was hit by sticks, bats and chairs, amongst other blunt items.

Despite being largely outnumbered, the tourist fights back and at one point floors a local with a single punch.

Towards the end of the video the man appears to continue to want to fight before he is eventually calmed down and led away.

The footage first appeared on Haberturk TV and went viral after it was posted to the channel’s Twitter feed, which has 500,000 followers.

The channel stated that the fight took place in the Istanbul neighbourhood of Aksaray, while the date stamp on the CCTV footage suggested it happened earlier this month.


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