Bar Covers Nearly Naked Women In Fruit, Makes Them Hand-Feed Customers

A bar has come under fire for hiring nearly naked women to lie on tables covered in fruit.

Cruise Bar, in Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal, had the women pose on wooden trestle tables topless and wearing just a pair of skin-coloured underwear.

They were also required to place fruit in customers’ mouths.

Many people online expressed their disgust at the stunt…

Although some didn’t have a problem with it…

One user wrote on their Facebook page: "Thanks Cruise Bar for so openly showing your contempt for women and contributing to the disgusting view that women's bodies are just a utensil. I won't be coming to your venue when I'm looking for a night out."

Meanwhile feminist blogger Louise Pennington says the bar's actions "help perpetuate rape culture".

"This type of objectification dehumanises women and helps perpetuate rape culture," she says. "In an economy where jobs are scarce, women will be forced into this type of objectification.

"Women need access to well paid employment where their skills are appreciated - and waitressing is a skill."

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