27/08/2015 11:56 BST | Updated 27/08/2015 11:59 BST

Isle Of Bute Sign Typo Sees Scottish Land Mass Renamed 'Penis Island'

James McLeary/Twitter

Ah, the perils of using Google Translate.

A newly erected sign welcoming visitors to the Scottish island of Bute was victim of a rather serious typo. Argyll & Bute council seem to have missed the accent on 'Bhòid' in the Gaelic translation of the message, so instead of "Welcome to the beauty of the Isle of Bute" visitors are greeted with "Welcome to the beauty of Penis Island."

Bhòid means Bute but Bhoid means penis in Gaelic

"It makes us look bloody stupid," Bute councillor Len Scoullar told The Scotsman. "I’m not a Gaelic speaker but I would apologise to people who are Gaelic speakers and we will rectify it right away."

"I’m sure it’s the big sign the council put up many, many years ago. It would probably be about nine years ago, the exact day I don’t remember. I will make enquiries as to who ordered the sign."

Native dialect campaigner Àdhamh Ó Broin said: "You know when people speak Chinese the wrong way and they end up saying ‘Your mother is a dog’ instead of ‘The rice is nice’? It’s like that."