Crocodile Rips Off Arm Of Fellow Reptile During Feeding Time

Crocodile rips off another crocs arm during feeding! WTF.

Posted by Fortafy on Thursday, 27 August 2015

In scenes of a disturbing nature, a crocodile has savagely ripped off and swallowed the arm of its fellow reptilian playmate.

The incident, watched by spectators including children, occurred during feeding time in a gated grassy area.

As the keeper threw a fish to the animals, the reptile turned to its side and snapped at the limb of its companion.

This is the shocking moment that the croc bit off another's arm

Screams and gasps can be heard from onlookers in the shocking footage, from an unknown location, thought to be in Australia.

The video, uploaded onto Facebook, has so far reached over one million views and has attracted more than 8,000 comments.

One user, Brianna Smith, wrote in response: "Awh... Am I the only one who just got really sad?"

Ellie Rose Roberts, another user on the site, said: "That's sad to see and there must be a reason, crocs don't normally just do that unless their fighting.

"I think they're being under fed, maybe thought that was the bit of meat that was just thrown in?"

It's fairly common for the creatures to be cannibalistic and larger crocodiles usually target smaller ones.

In most reservations the individuals in a grouping will be about the same size to avoid this type of attack.

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