Newborn's 'Butt Exploded' All Over Dad's Back In Photoshoot

Newborn photoshoots are a sweet way to document the beginning of a baby's life, but these parents got a lot more than they bargained for when it came to "sweet" memories.

Mark and Shayna Resnick from Florida turned to photographer Gigi O'Dea to get some precious snaps of them with their 10-day-old son Asher.

O'Dea told HuffPost UK Parents: "This particular photo was particularly important to them as they really wanted a special image where they could showcase baby Asher with the dad's wing tattoo on his back."

And we can all agree, this photo is very cute.

However, minutes before the very same pose actually looked like this.

The photographer said she prepared for the shot with Asher's nappy on.

Once they pulled it off to take the photo, she said his butt exploded and he squirted poop all over his dad's back.

He did it twice, then peed and sicked up on him soon after. Lovely.

O'Dea said: "Knowing that Asher would be naked on dad, we joked there was a high probability that it could get messy. I guess we never imagined just how messy it could be!

"I'm sure almost any parent can relate as they have probably had a similar experience at some point with their own babies."

The poor little one has no idea this photo is all over the internet, but O'Dea did credit him as being "happiest baby [she] has ever photographed".

She added: "I was able to capture 34 smiling images of him in his newborn session, which is unheard of. Obviously, he got the last laugh."

Don't try these at home!

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