Brixton Robbers Disguised In Burkhas Jailed After Being Caught Out For 'Not Walking Like Women'


Two men who disguised themselves in burkhas and robbed a pawnbrokers with an imitation firearm were found out - when members of the public noticed they “did not walk like women”.

The two men donned the disguise to hold up the shop in Brixton, south London, in May, but their plan was foiled when the public noticed their gait, according to the Evening Standard.

Michael Lindo, 34, and Aaron Dumetz, 24, threatened two female staff members with an imitation firearm, forcing them to let them into the shop’s secure staff area and open the safe.

The men make their getaway

The alarm was raised as the pair made their escape and officers from Lambeth confronted them, despite not knowing the firearm was an imitation.

Both pleaded guilty to robbery and possession of an imitation firearm with intent and were handed prison sentences at Inner London Crown Court on Thursday.

Lindo was sentenced to 11 years' imprisonment and Dumetz received a custodial sentence of nine years.

The public noticed that the men 'did not walk like women'

Investigating officer DS Gary Ferguson of The Flying Squad, East London Branch, said: "On behalf of Met's Flying Squad I would like to thank the local Lambeth Police officers, who bravely followed the two robbers from the scene and tackled them, despite not knowing at that time if the firearm used on the robbery was real or not.

"It was these officers and members of the public, who reported the two robbers actions to police, that has secured the conviction of these two men and the recovery of a substantial amount of stolen jewellery and cash.

“Lindo in particular is a career criminal and this timely intervention has averted a serious threat to public safety and commercial premises in particular."

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